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The Name of the Game

April 13, 2015

Alec Monopoly: Capitalist Games

Got a Banksy? Pff. That is so 2005. Listed among Artnet’s top ten most searched for artists in 2014, LA-based spray-painter Alec Monopoly has garnered international attention for his playful critique of the global economic system using capitalist cartoon icons like Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich and, of course, Monopoly’s own Uncle Pennybags. So where better to display his latest collection of kitsch, materialism-mocking canvases than Asia’s own fat cat finance capital, Hong Kong?

Currently on display at indie gallery Above Second in Sai Ying Pun, Capitalist Games consists in 30+ colourful canvases, including several new HK-inspired pieces created especially for the exhibit. For example, in one Fragrant Harbour-centric painting the top-hatted banker is seen sailing Victoria Harbour in a money-loaded junk and nailed to a cross marked ‘Central’ – a nod to his earlier work Wall Street Crucifix, which is reimagined here as a 3D wood-mounted print. With starry names like Her Madgesty, Adrien Brody and Miley Cyrus already counted among the proud owners of an Alec Monopoly, you can bet your bottom dollar an artwork costs more than landing on a hotel-loaded Mayfair, but whether you buy one for appreciation or investment, they really are worth every dime

Until 18th Apr, 2015.

Above Second / 9 First St / Sai Ying Pun / +852 3483 7950 / 1pm-7pm Tue-Sat /