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Russian Transport @ Steppenwolf Theatre

March 20, 2014
Russian Transport @ Steppenwolf Theatre

How to protect the younger generation from corruption or the temptation of easy money is a constant worry in our society, and playwright Erika Sheffer’s debut, Russian Transport, takes a long hard look at the issue, then throws in a few welcome laughs along the way. A stage play that has already taken New York’s Off-Broadway by storm and has been dubbed a comedy-cum-thriller, Russian Transport has now hit the Chicago boards with a new cast under the direction of Yasen Peyankov at the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Based around the story of a hard-working ‘nuclear’ Russian family living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, the play starts out as a funny, passionate family drama but slowly develops into an edge-of-your seat thriller with the arrival of menacing Uncle Boris (Tim Hopper) from the old country. After a bout of forced camaraderie and vodka shots, Uncle Boris quickly ensnares the family’s son Alex (Aaron Himelstein) in a dubious business venture involving the trafficking of young Eastern European girls. Coming from an immigrant family herself, Sheffer also very cleverly examines the way in which American-born children of immigrant parents can find themselves horribly torn between the demands of opposing cultures, making this a fascinating and important insight into the American immigrant experience.

Until 11 May, 2014.

Steppenwolf Theatre / 1650 N Halsted St / +1 312 335 1650 /