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Artisanal Farm-To-Fork

May 29, 2014
Cellar Door Provisions

Who can resist the aroma of fresh-baked bread? Well, Tony Bezsylko certainly can’t. After moving to Chicago a few years back and struggling to find the perfect loaf anywhere in the city, the carb-loving San Franciscan decided to take matters into his own hands and oven. Such a success did his artisan recipes prove, before long Bezsylko was selling his bread to friends and reinventing himself as a bonafide baker. Fast forward to the present day and Bezsylko buns are still in high demand, along with the rest of the house-made goodies – everything from butter to yoghurt to cheese – he creates in partnership with Ethan Pikas and Justin Behlke at their new locavore café Cellar Door Provisions.

Upon entering the rustic-minimalist, 20-seater space, guests can pull up a chair along the communal wooden table and get acquainted with the rotating selection of standout pastries, frequently featuring the likes of croissants infused with foraged edible flowers (think magnolias and quinces), creamy custard-filled canelés with a sugary crust, and mascarpone tarts. For something more hearty, try one of the signature quiches melding farm-fresh flavours like bacon and ramp, and nettles and bone marrow, then come lunchtime take your pick of specials spanning shaved carrot tartines with flowering chevils, slow braised oxtails and asparagus with soft boiled eggs and smoked potato brioche, bready panzanella salad, and succulent handmade sausages. Buns and then some!

3025 W Diversey Ave / Logan Square / +1 773 697 8337 / 8am-4pm Wed-Sun /