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Cinema Comes Home

June 02, 2014

iPic Theater

Wooing your inner hedonist with a first-class take on the archetypal movie-going experience – exchanging greasy popcorn stands and rowdy adolescents for filet mignon, swanky lounge chairs, and bags of legroom – it should come as no surprise that Florida-born movie theatre iPic is one of the nation’s fastest growing luxury cinema franchises. And following a triumphant cavalcade of nine openings across the US, iPic’s decadent concept has finally reached the sparkling shores of Los Angeles, unveiling a long-time-in-the-making 424-seat emporium on Westwood’s Wilshire Boulevard.

As should be expected in Hollywood, land of dreams, iPic has launched here all-guns-blazing with six auditoriums spaciously dotted with reclining, plush leather armchairs, pillows, and soft blankets over two floors of monumental widescreens, ultra-advanced acoustics, and an in-house artisan Italian bistro. Lie back in front of the silver screen while waiters deliver to your armrest fresh, locally-sourced gourmet creations designed by acclaimed pastry chef Sherry Yard, such as crème fraîche rhubarb pops and lobster rolls. If the film you’re watching leaves you in need of a good stiff drink, fear not – a quick push of the call button embedded in your Premium Plus throne will have a craft cocktail mixed up by barman Adam Seger delivered to your extended hand pronto. High-tech spectacle and epicurean tipples? Feet up!

10840 Wilshire Blvd / +1 310 307 7003 /