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A-List Custom Soles

November 22, 2012

From movie stars and rockers to sporting heroes and politicians, there’s one man with whom LA’s finest are clamouring to entrust the soles of their shoes.

Whether it’s custom-fit loafers, RTW winter boots or made-to-measure leather accessories, George Esquivel does it all, handcrafting both men’s and women’s bespoke footwear and leather goods in myriad colours, designs and finishes to suit any style, including yours.

It’s true he uses only the finest materials, encompassing everything from alligator to hand-burnished leather, but it’s this contemporary cobbler’s unwavering attention to detail that has the likes of Gwen Stefani, Seth Green and Kevin Costner lacing up and stepping out in their gorgeous George’s.

Featuring modern shapes and textural finishes, Esquivel’s RTW collection exudes a boho-meets-contempo, inherently Californian flair, with perfect examples being the metallic pink women’s Derby loafer, men’s chocolate suede mid-cut boot, and the high-cut unisex Elkhart work boot.

Many styles even come with removable add-ons, such as a leather ‘sleeve’ and tasseled kilties, but the personalisation doesn’t stop there – customers also get to choose their preferred stitching and coloured lining. And best of all, these high-style hoofs are as comfortable as they are fashionable, so the several-week order processing time really is but a small price to pay. Sole-sational!

8309 West 3rd Street / +1 714 670 2200 /