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A Bossy Brunch

December 26, 2013
The Bossy Wife & Co.

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then brunch – that glorious portmanteau of morning and midday – is surely the most important meal of the weekend. And with that in mind, Los Angeles has warmly welcomed a bright and airy new brunch spot, playfully monikered The Bossy Wife, from Indonesian Marianne Rumantir and her Aussie husband (who apparently came up with the name, ahem) that draws inspiration from both their native cuisines.

It being WeHo, there are the obligatory low carb options like tuna and salmon sashimi salads, grilled sesame chicken and other healthy options like oxtail soup, quinoa burgers, granola yoghurt, while of course the coffee on tap is Intelligentsia. But there’s also plenty of bready, brunchy goodness like pancakes, waffles, eggs every-which-way, and fresh juice, along with hearty Aussie fare like their bacon, sausage, mushroom, egg and spinach ‘brekkie’, and the weird but somehow compelling Indonesian cheese-on-toast with chocolate sprinkles and fruit. Marvelous carb splurge done with, we recommend popping across the street to the Pacific Design Center, home to a branch of MOCA and a slew of designer showrooms, where you can let your own bossy wife loose with the credit card...

8719 Santa Monica Blvd / WeHo / +1 310 358 9011 / 9am-4pm Sun-Thu, till early dinner Fri-Sat  /