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Cut Pizza With Caution

February 10, 2014


There’s a famous line in the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’ where Harry wryly points out that Sally orders from the menu ‘in a way that the chef didn't even know how good it could be’ – a concept that has become ever more poignant in today’s service-driven restaurant industry where we expect everything exactly the way we want it, regardless of the chef’s feelings. With this in mind, modern Downtown eatery Terroni staunchly maintains an unadulterated stance on traditional Italian cooking, with strictly no accommodation of Americanised whims, like parmesan on your pasta, balsamic vinegar with your olive oil, or pre-sliced pizza (which apparently ‘compromises’ its integrity and heat).

This delightfully controversial policy has already divided customers, but the authenticity of the food speaks for itself, like deep-fried Arancini rice cones stuffed with cheese and meat ragu, or housemade pasta cooked a second shy of al-dente. Their pizza, too, is subject to rustic combinations like the ‘Mangiabbun’ with mozzarella, garlic, rapini and homemade spicy sausage, or ‘C't Mang’ with sliced pear, gorgonzola, walnuts and honey-brushed slices of smoky speck. And if you’re not a fan of Italian wine, you’re out of luck as their list is unfalteringly Roman. Yet despite such a lack of customer obeisance, the place is always packed… just remember to bring your own pizza cutter, amici!

802 S. Spring St / +1 323 954 0300 /