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Dreamy Drifting

May 23, 2016
Just Float

Stressed out? Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just float away? Now you can, with Just Float encouraging positive drifting in LA.

Take time out to relax at the world’s newest and largest float therapy centre in Pasadena, offering 11 luxe float rooms. Each hosts an extra-large enclosed tub for your delectation, holding 1,300 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in 250 gallons of water and heated to 93.5 degrees. Remove your clothes, lie back, let go and effortlessly float in 11 inches of warm, salty water; each room is private with its own float cabin, shower and changing area.

A 60-minute session can reduce anxiety and improve sleep, as you’re suspended free from gravity and external stimulation. As you mellow into a meditative, mindful state, you’ll feel your everyday cares drift away. Brain waves are said to shift to a lower frequency Theta state, promoting calm and creative visualisation. Think a swim in the ocean crossed with a space walk, and you’re close to the powerful escapist vibe.

Natural and safe, floatation treatments offer additional health benefits, decreasing blood pressure and lowering heart rates. Stress on muscles, bones and joints is reduced, while the salts soothe inflammation, regulate electrolytes and stimulate detoxing.

Rooms are customisable – choose between darkness or soft lighting, music or silence. Afterwards, unwind in the quiet communal area with tea or water, enjoying post-float peace. Spa-aaaah...

#120 / 76 N Hudson Ave / Pasadena / +1 818 639 3572 / 9am-10pm Tue & Thu-Sun /