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Organic Adornments

August 04, 2014


Organic markets, restaurants, and clothing stores are as common as aspiring actors in diet-conscious and fitness-obsessed Hollywood, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn the next craze in the eco-friendly trend: organic jewellery. First stop? August on West 3rd, a jewel box boutique of timeless, modern gems and homewares with a focus on organic, minimally-treated materials and a spotlight on artisan craftsmanship.

Operated by Bill Hermsen, whose precursor store Arp previously sat in the same spot, August evokes the feel of its moniker month with warm, white oak surfaces and luxurious bronze cabinets adorned with one-of-a-kind body baubles. Much of the jewellery is by New York-based designer Ted Muehling, known for his nature-inspired, intricate pieces that mimic branches and flower buds, with smaller, supporting selections by eight designers of similar aesthetics, including local lady Lisa Ziff, Lola Brooks, Isabel Borland and former Muehling mentees Gabriella Kiss and Maria Beaulieu. Sharing shelf space is porcelain ware by German ceramic house Nymphenburg, handmade candle holders by E.R. Butler & Co, as well as a selection of covetable gilded glass mirrors. Drop in to snap up gifts like a raw ruby pendant or silver antler-inspired earrings, or, if you have your own design in mind, check ahead for in-store designer meet-and-greets when you can view exclusive works and discuss bespoke creations.


8311 1/2 W 3rd St / +1 323 653 2600 / noon-6pm Mon-Sat /