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Indie Sino Threads Online

June 09, 2014


Shanghai may have stolen the title of China’s most stylish city of 2014, but big sister Beijing has her own burgeoning brand of street sass, spurred by a slew of new fashion designers and bold stylesetters. Now digital trailblazer Natasia Guo has launched Yetang, an online retailer à la ASOS that brings together curated picks from China’s emerging independent fashion scene.

The moniker translates to ‘Wild Candy’, and indeed the threads and accessories began bright, bold and fun as a bag of mixed gummies, though a recent expansion of labels has meant more options for those who prefer a neutral, subdued palette. Prices range from high street to high-end, but all the inventory is avant-garde – think draped asymmetrical dresses by indie Shenzhen brand Isaei, retro flip glasses by Beijing’s own Earth is Round, plus fashion-forward picks from select Japanese and Korean labels. The interface is in Chinese, but the Pinterest-style, photo-heavy layout ensures that even English-only users won’t struggle to pick out a fab outfit for prompt delivery – so long as you’ve got an address in Mainland China. Keep a beady eye out for pop-up stores and designer collaboration sites in and around Beijing towards the year-end, and go wild, stylistas!