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Chinese Morning Constitutional

June 23, 2014

Chinese Metaphysics Walk

Of the many philosophical principles of Taoism, one belief is that the happy and healthy man rises with the morning sun – and millions of Chinese still follow this ancient tradition, beginning the day early with an outdoor exercise session. To partake in the practice and learn more about traditional Chinese health principles, visitors can take the ‘metaphysics walk’ through Ditan Park, led by Chinese-Australian eastern health practitioner Alex Tan.

Starting bright and early at 8am, walkers can get their qi flowing with a turn around the Ditan Temple of the Earth gardens – a popular spot where many Beijingers perform their morning exercises. During the tour Alex provides an overview of core Taoist teachings; explaining how traditional beliefs about energetic balance between body, mind, spirit and environment underpin modern Chinese thinking and health practices. The informative stroll also includes a brief history of the Ditan Temple, describes how Chinese exercise differs to Western forms, and explains the Chinese Body Clock and why exercise in the morning is particularly beneficial to physical health and mental wellbeing. All walks finish with a gentle 20-minute Qi Gong class designed to clear the mind and balance the body’s energies. A Tao-riffic way to start the day.

Ditan Temple South Gate entrance / Dongcheng / +86 159 0104 6127 / 8-9.30am Wed & Sun /