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Let’s Dance

July 13, 2015
Beijing Dance Festival

Beijingers have long loved a good shimmy, whether it be a thumping dragon dance, a vibrant operatic flutter, or an eye-popping acrobatic flip. Well, later this month the twirling and toe-tapping will reach a new crescendo with the return of the annual Beijing Dance Festival, a two-week high-energy contempo ballet extravaganza showcasing top-notch local and international talent in venues across the city.

If you’re one of those lithe sorts that has already mastered your jump tucks and jetés you may want to chassé over to the daily Dance Camp, where lessons will be led by some of the globe’s best instructors. 

However, if you’d rather watch than whirl, fret not, there are plenty of non-participatory events ranging from the evocative and raw Faded Monologue by BeijingDance/LDTX, to the modern fly harness-enabled stylings of Spanish interpretive troupe CobosMika, both showing at the prestigious PLA Theatre.

Those that want to see a few new moves should also check out the Youth Dance Marathon with more than 60 original works from China’s young choreographers. Alternatively the Springboard shows, featuring experimental productions by cutting-edge companies like New Zealand’s Atamira and Guangdong Modern, really are worth making a song and dance about. Skip to it!

16-28 Jul, 2015. 

Various venues, see website for details, times & tickets /