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Beijing Botanical Garden

March 21, 2016
Eastern Eden
Beijing Botanical Garden

Think Beijing and you probably picture industrial art districts, edgy modern architecture and pulsing ring roads. We love our cities big and ballsy, but sometimes it’s good to escape into the great outdoors as well… so let’s get better acquainted with the capital’s bushy bits.
The Beijing Botanical Garden is a veritable Eden, especially when Spring has sprung after a long, bone-chilling winter. There’s no better time to take a leisurely amble through the city’s staggering 564,000sqm botanical bower, with distinct tree, bulb, rose, peony and Chinese medical herb gardens, a wild fruit and endangered plant zone, and a number of exhibition greenhouses and Buddhist temples. Beijing’s Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven may get more tourist props, but here you can frolic in a verdant paradise that may have gone under many travellers’ radars.
Bag a general ticket, or pay extra to warm up in the Tropical Conservatory (home to a tropical rainforest, cacti and succulents, orchids and carnivorous plants) or the Wofo Temple. Serene and silent, it’s one of the oldest in Beijing, with five rows of halls and courtyards surrounded by old cypress trees, flowers, pavilions, rockeries and ponds. Established in 1955, the Botanical Garden is the city’s green lung, on its north-western outskirts, with more than 6,000 species of plants, trees, flowers, fruits trees and traditional Chinese water plants. Breathe in…

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