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Mongolian Mastery

June 27, 2013
Choindongiin Khurelbaatar @ Serindia Gallery

Picture a rumbling skyline of impending rain clouds over a sprawling windswept grassland speckled with wild horses and you might be some way towards imagining the awe-inspiring oil paintings of Mongolian artist Choindongiin Khurelbaatar. After successful shows in London, Tokyo and Budapest, the pride of Mongolia and toast of the Asian art scene has finally landed in Bangkok’s Serindia Gallery and has brought with him an array of artwork so photographic in detail it beggars belief they were painted with a brush.

Despite studying art in Saint Petersburg under Victor Oreshnikov, Khurelbaatar rarely shied away from stirring controversy among his Soviet counterparts with past works depicting the Stalinist purges and a young Genghis Khan evading Russian enemies, however, his current style has taken on a decidedly serene hue.

The use of bold colour and space is interpreted by some as a celebration of Mongolia’s freedom from neighbouring forces, while his depiction of the nomadic life, windswept steppes, galloping horses and endless blue skies perfectly captures the remote spiritual calmness of his country’s immense landscape. If you haven’t witnessed first hand the untamed beauty of the Mongolian grasslands, seeing Choindongiin Khurelbaatar’s oil paintings at the Serindia Gallery will prove the next best thing. But don’t hang about, the display ends on 30th June!

OP Garden, 36 Charoenkrung Rd /
+66 2 238 6410 /
till June 30th /